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Gloucester Old Spot Pork

Happy pigs make delicious pork

Our lovely girls, Eleanor and Prudence, live a carefree life on the farm. 

Their feed is supplemented by our own apples and vegetables direct from the farm, as well the walnuts from the award winning 'Excelsior of Taynton'


The pigs and piglets when born, live in a traditional pigsty with access to a lovely area in the farm to root for grubs and enjoy their wallowing in the mud. 


We supply local chefs and also sell privately.


Our Gloucester Old Spot sausages are delicious! We also sell joints such as pork chops, belly and shoulder.

All our meat is frozen as soon as it returns from the butcher. We can provide fresh, but this needs to be specifically arranged in advance . 


To buy or reserve

Either direct from the farm: /  0774 811 5450

Locals to May Hill can also purchase via May Hill hub

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