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Coldcroft Woven Products

Our aim at Coldcroft Farm is to create woven products to sell using the clip from the Coldcroft  Ryeland Sheep

The breeding, feeding and fleece management are all diligently managed over the preceding years, enhancing the natural Ryeland fleece characteristics and improving the woven outcome to create blankets, throws and scarves. 

All shearing is done on site on the farm, by a small but highly experienced team.  Katie will then sort the fleece herself and drives it to Natural Fibre company,  where it is scoured, washed, carded and spun into yarn.

We use local Gloucestershire based woven textile designer Rebecca Connolly to create the designs, based on the wool type as well as the natural colours available from the flock. 

Finally, the woven yarn and designs are taken by Katie to Bristol Weaving Mil where we work to create the final product. 


The Design

The weave design has focussed on the structure and texture, to produce an end product that is effective visually in just cream with the coloured wool used as an accent, also ensuring a suitable weight and handle for blankets.

Provenance and local heritage craft skills are a key theme to our whole process.

  • The Coldcroft Farm, Ryeland flock to produce the raw fleece

  • The Natural Fibre Co to prepare the fleece by scouring, cleaning, picking and carding prior to spinning.

  • The Gloucestershire Guild of Weavers Spinners & Dyers and Bristol Weaving Mill, who gave advice on spinning specifications

  • Rebecca Connolly, Guild member and Woven Textile Designer, to weave design samples.

  • Bristol Weaving Mill who produced the woven cloth and arranged the finishing

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