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Ryeland Lamb is a Traditional, Heritage breed. We take pride in managing the flock to optimise the taste of the meat and the quality of the fleece. All shearing is done on site on the farm, by a small but highly experienced team.  Katie will then sort the fleece herself and drives it to Natural Fibre company only a couple of counties away, where it is scoured, washed, carded and spun into yarn.

We use local Gloucestershire based woven textile designer Rebecca Connolly to create the designs, based on the wool type as well as the natural colours available from the flock. 

Finally, the woven yarn and designs are taken by Katie to Bristol Weaving Mil where once again, with a local to Gloucestershire small business, we are working to create the final product. 

Ryeland and Suffolk X Fleeces
  • Unwashed, skirted fleeces
  • Correctly stored in breathable bag
Available after May, once shearing is done

Suffolk X Roving 

(available now)
  • Undyed, natural cream roving
  • Perfect for felting or spinning
  • All professionally produced by the Natural Fibre company

Available all year 

Ryeland Sheepskins 

  • White and Coloured sheepskin
  • Professionally tanned in UK
  • Make perfect throws, rugs or we can make them into cushions for you. 
Available all year 
Ryeland Throws
  • These are being designed over the winter
  • Using natural cream and coloured wool from our Ryelands
  • Professionally spun by the Natural Fibre company
  • Designed by Rebecca O'Connolly.
  • We hope to make perfect throws in the near future. Next step is the Bristol Weaving Mill
Available Spring 2020


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