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Natural, undyed Ryeland Sheepskins

The Ryeland sheepskin rugs we sell are salted by Katie and then sent to the tannery in Devon. All the skins come from our own flock, and are left undyed.

The skins can only be taken at certain times of the year. Katie will check all the skins over first and if happy with them, will bring them back to the farm and begin the salting. This process drives out the moisture and must be repeated over the following few days. 

Once ready, Katie will then drive the skins to Devon where the tannery takes over the process. 3 months later we return to collect our beautifully soft sheepskin. 

With the help of Andrea at AW sewing services we can stitch the skins together and make all sorts of unique products. Bespoke projects always welcome such as:

  • Floor rug

  • Cushion cover

  • Seat cover

  • Bed spread

  • Bean bag

  • Baby rug

We have even been commissioned to create sheepskin dog beds!

If you have a project in mind, do get in touch. As we are a low volume producer, we will need to hand pick the skins and reserve them for you. 

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