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About the Ryeland Breed

Breed History and their Fleece

A thick and luxurious blanket scarf, using the finest Ryeland Wool from the Coldcroft Farm flock of Ryeland Sheep.


About the breed

The Ryeland is one of the oldest English sheep breeds going back seven centuries, through to have originated in Leominster, Herefordshire. They were considered to have the finest wool of all British breeds of the time. Queen Elizabeth I was given 'Lemster' wool stockings and liked them so much that from then on she insisted only on 'Lemster' Ryeland wool. 



The Ryeland sheep wool are either cream or coloured, with the colouring ranging from a deep dark brown through to silvers and grey.  All our woollen products are natural colours, no dye has been used. 



The wool is soft and crimpy with a staple length of 8 to 10 cms and is ideal for hand spinning and knitting as well as many other craft ideas such as rug making.

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