1/2 Lamb Box

1/2 Lamb Box

Contact us to pre-order. Our lamb boxes are generally available between September and February. 


Price is based on £12 / kg. 1/ 2 lamb box will include:

- 1 full shoulder (left whole or cut into two halves)

- 1 full leg (left whole or cut into two halves)

- 4 bags of chops, 4 chops per bag

- breast


You can then up your order with lamb and mint sausages, lamb and mint burgers, lamb mince  or diced mutton. 


We ask for a £30 deposit. The full price will be calculated based upon weight when collected from Butchers. The balance is requested upon delivery. You should expect the 1/2 box to be a minimum of £85


All is delivered frozen. Delivery within 30 miles of the farm is free, or you can collect. 

  • Delivery

    Free Delivery within 30 miles radius of the farm.