Throughout the year we will have livestock available to sell

Ryeland Sheep

These will include lambs, shearlings and ewes. Please contact us to find out what we have available now, or what you are looking for, as we can hold back specific stock to meet your requirements. 

West of England Geese

West of England geese are a traditional and rare breed. We have a small flock of unrelated geese and regularly have eggs, hatchlings or 'off the heat' goslings for sale. 

Welsummer Chickens

A beautiful breed of chicken with delicious eggs with a rich dark colour egg. We will incubate our eggs throughout the year and have welsummer hens and chicks for sale.  

Disclaimer. I am terrible with photographs, so have used stock photos of the livestock. Once i have some half decent photos by someone who knows how to use a camera, i will update these photos to ensure they are all of our own stock. 


Shire Horse ride

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