Hand Carved Wooden Signs - Carving Letters into Wood

About Jamie and his Carving

I have always loved words both written and spoken, but in carving letters i found a new and unexpected beauty. Every word is a picture but to make them tangible brings out an amazing and different dimension to what they offer. To be able to actually touch a word gives it an intimacy and life not found otherwise. 

Being an old-fashioned man at heart i bring traditional values to every piece i carve, whether it be a simple, functional sign or something more intricate and ornate. Attention to the smallest detail and an uncompromising quest for the highest quality combined with the simplicity of mallet and gouge gives each piece a timeless appeal that lasts in this fast-paced and temporary world that we live in. 

My relief carving has progressed because of my desire to find new and ever more interesting vehicles for the carved word. Not everything i have tried carving in my spare time has worked, but it is great fun finding out. 

Whilst dry stone walling for fifteen years in field or garden and in all weathers i dreamed of having a workshop where i could gently work in the warmth and beside a kettle!

Commissioning Work

Every commission starts with the client and what they want. After consultation to discern exactly what your vision is of the end result, drawings are then sent for your approval. This is the agreed copy for spelling and dates (rather important). You are welcome to view work in progress by email or by dropping into the workshop. The finished piece is then delivered to your door. Or you can simply say "Carve me this..." and i will just get on with it. 

All my work is a "one off". What you receive will be hand carved and unique. I do not have set sizes or packages. 

Whether it be a sign for your home or business, your favourite poetry for that quiet corner of the garden, a present for a loved one or a piece that visually focuses your faith, it will be carved especially for you. 

If you already have an item that you would like to be carved upon, or your want a completely new piece, just let me know. All commissions are considered. Memorials and grave markers are sensitively discussed and made to be suitable for location.

If you are ever passing by, do drop in. the kettle is always on!


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