It's in the quiet hours that I think best and appreciate most.

Tomorrow brings a busy day.
The new carriage for the Heavies is being delivered,
the new cattle management system is being collected and the new hope for a better tomorrow underlies all.

The real joy of the day will prove to be in doing the daily rounds of feeding and checking our livestock.
The heavily pregnant ewes and heifers need a close eye...
The West of England geese need further rehabilitation before they start to settle fully...
Our truly free range hens have changed their egg laying places and need watching...
The ram paddock always needs watching due to the mix of interested parties within... Boys v Men.
Corn, hay and feed are in plentiful supply for the necessary of all.

And then there are the Heavies, our beautiful Shire horses...
Millie is wonderfully pregnant and all seems quiet and well with her, Willam is now properly bored with Winter and longs to stretch his legs fully and test his strength.

Today the green woodpecker have been noisily making nest.
Deer have been bold in the pasture and the buzzard and red kite have been graceful overhead.
Tonight the tawny owl is full of conversation but the fox has been worryingly quiet.

A good day and an enjoyable night.


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