Shire Horse Experience Days, Gloucestershire

Enjoy our Shire horse experience and see what life is like on a traditional working farm.

As part of your Shire horse experience, you'll get up close and personal with our resident Shire horses, Millie and Willam. Our farm is situated on the famous May Hill, in West Gloucestershire, so come prepared for all weathers, beautiful scenery and to get your hands dirty! Coldcroft Farm is owned and managed by Jamie and Katie, both passionate and knowable horse owners and riders themselves. 

Our Shire horse experience days are ideal for two people and tailored to each persons existing knowledge and experience. We aim to give you the chance to get a taste for what life is like working on the farm in the traditional way. 

Your day can include everything from calling the horse from the field, we use an old school bell, grooming, preparing the stables as well as long reining and seasonal work on the farm. We'll also talk about the history of the Shire horse breed and how they came close to extinction in the 1950’s, still today there are more Panda Bears than Shire horses. 

For whole day guests a complimentary lunch is provided in the farmhouse (the horses like a lunch break too!). Alternatively, guests can bring a packed lunch and enjoy the views from the farm. To keep you refreshed hot and cold drinks are provided throughout the day. 

Life is relaxed and calm at Coldcroft, come and see for yourselves! 

Tomorrow brings a busy day. The new carriage for the Heavies is being delivered, the new cattle management system is being collected and the new hope for a better tomorrow underlies all. The real joy of the day will prove to be in doing the daily rounds of feeding and checking our livestock. The heavily pregnant ewes and heifers need a close eye... The West of England geese need further rehabil...